In this era, men have more awareness and care about how important it is to take care of their skin. Even 2 of 10 customers of beauty clinics are men.

People make some confusion between skincare and cosmetics that make men feel reluctant to use products that relate to beauty products such as skincare because beauty is only for women.

Even though both have beauty effects, but they aren’t similar. Skincare is more like a supplement to enhance skin health, while cosmetics are more like to cover up imperfection.

Skincare has long term benefits for skin appearance, while cosmetics are temporary.

Skincare mostly works under your skin to send beneficial ingredients to your skin’s cells, except for products with SPF. And cosmetics tend to cover your skin from imperfection.

Both have the same purpose of making a good-looking appearance yet in different ways and methods.

This time I am going to share essential skincare products for men from Nu Skin. The products I choose is easy to use and light on the skin. But still can send the maximum level of beneficial ingredients into your skin.


This one is a product to start your first skincare routine. Pure Cleansing Gel is a facial cleanser in gel form.

This facial gel cleanser is a soap-free product that helps to reduce feeling dry and tight on your skin after washing your face.

This product is suitable for men who have oily or combination skin.

Pure Cleansing Gel has superiority over other facial cleanser products because it contains Bioadaptive Botanical Blend that consists of Rhodiola, Maral Root, Siberian Ginseng, Chaga Mushroom, and Resurrection Plant.

These plants grow in an extreme climate so they can adapt well to their environment.

The extraction of these plants can repair the skin from stress.

Its use is also easy. Pour about two drops on your wet palm, make it bubbled and apply it on your face. Rinse and dry your face.


pH Balance Toner

After washing your face, it should be a toner. Never forget to use a toner after washing your face. A toner will make your skin ready for the next step skincare routine as serum or essence and day or night cream.

For the face toner, I would recommend pH Balance Toner. This face toner is actually for combination or oily skin. Oily or combination skin is a skin condition where your skin produces excess oil. It doesn’t mean your skin is well hydrated. The purpose of using this face toner is to make your skin well hydrated. So all skin types can use this product.

As Pure Cleansing Gel, this pH Balance Toner as well contains Bioadaptive Botanical Plant that can help to repair skin from stress.

For the use, pour some drops on face cotton and wipe it thoroughly your entire face. Let it dry and go on to the next step of your skincare routine.


Clear Action Day Treatment

After applying the face toner, for the day treatment, it’s highly recommended to use a day cream that contains SPF. But a cream with SPF would feel sticky on men’s face. Not all men would be comfortable with that feeling. So I would recommend Clear Action Day Treatment.

Clear Action Day Treatment is a day treatment product in a gel form that would lightly absorb into your skin. So you wouldn’t have that sticky feeling on your skin. This product helps to clear the acne scars and prevents the appearance of new pimples in the future.

Clear Action Day Treatment contains three key ingredients those are Mandelic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and White Tea extract. Mandelic Acid can reduce skin changes due to acne in the past with delicate skin exfoliating process and help to minimize the potential of appearance the future acne. Salicylic Acid absorbs into skin pores to help to reduce severe acne. White tea extract acts as an antioxidant that can bring back the natural elasticity of the skin while enhancing skin resistance from aging due to adverse environmental impacts.

Take a small amount as small as corn kernels, apply it on the entire face after tonic.


This product should be in the serum or essence range because it contains genuine ingredients and a light form of skincare. To get healthy and well-cared skin, it needs products with skin protection and repair benefits.

Use Tru Face Revealing Gel acts as a powerful antioxidant during the day will help to protect the skin. And use it during the night will help to repair the skin.

Tru Face Revealing Gel has benefits to brighten the skin, reduce the appearance of the skin pores, absorbs excess metal ions, and can bind water to keep the skin moisture.

Apply a small amount as small as corn kernels on the entire face. Use it after applying tonic.



Dull skin becomes the most often problem that occurs on men’s skin. Build up of dead skin cells makes the appearance of dull skin. That so skin needs exfoliating products. There are two methods that you can use to exfoliate dead skin cells. They are Chemical Exfoliation and Physical Exfoliation.

For this need, you can use Exfoliant Scrub. One of Nu Skin’s products that have benefits of physical exfoliation, by using marine diatoms to help smooth your skin and remove dead skin cells on your face.

This product is a weekly product range. Use it two or three times a week after clean your face. Apply a small amount on a wet face and massage your entire face. Rinse and dry your face before applying face toner.


Clay Pack

For those who have oily or combination skin, adding a facial mask two or three times a week will be needed to control excess oil on your face.

Clay Pack is a facial mask in clay form that helps to remove dirt and dead cells skin as absorbing excess oil on your face.

The products above are the recommendation for general purpose only for men who want to maintain their healthy skin. Specific skin problems might need special treatment and advice for better results. (Azwar Anas)

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