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g3 is a nutrient-rich juice from the superfruit gac grown in the South Asian region. Its nutritional benefits have been clinically proven to protect cells. Among the benefits of gac’s phytonutrients are its unique and highly bioavailable carotenoid forms (called lipocarotenesTM) that provide powerful antioxidant protection while supporting immune function. The g3 formula was developed by adding 3 other superfruits—Chinese Lycium, Siberian pineapple, and chili fruit—which synergistically provide multiple added benefits. G3 has a fresh, sweet, slightly sour taste and can also be enjoyed every day by every family member.


Fruits on earth show the richness and wonders of nature, in their varied shapes, colors, smells, and tastes that are attractive and inspiring. More importantly, these fruits serve as natural stores of nutrients for survival for insects, animals as well as humans. These fruits are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial phytonutrients.

There are many fruits that offer specific health benefits and can be used as an important part of a health care program. Unfortunately, most fruit juice products on the market today are not based on solid science. In fact, only based on the baseless claims of can cure all diseases- which is really misleading and also builds wrong expectations for consumers. Fortunately, new scientific research focusing on the traditional uses of certain fruits and juices for health benefits has begun to separate unsubstantiated claims from scientifically testable claims.

Juice G3 Based on Research and Data

g3 from Pharmanex® Pharmanex has research and data supported by Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner technology to design and develop the g3. Consistent with the 6S Quality Process to ensure quality and efficacy, Pharmanex presents a unique blend of natural fruit juices, which are time-tested through traditional uses and their efficacy has been proven through modern science.

g3 is a natural blended superfruit juice that provides cell protection and rejuvenation, as well as supports immune function, in a highly bioavailable form. g3 in certification can increase Skin Carotenoid Value which can be measured with BioPhotonic Scanner. The unique combination of phytonutrients from G3 is obtained from carefully selected superfruits. Its traditional use around the world has been shown to have healing abilities, and its nutritional benefits have been proven through clinical studies.

Indigenous people of South Asia are blessed with gac fruit which has the ability to prolong life and increase energy. Apart from enjoying this ‘fruit from heaven’, the natives have long believed that the fruit used for this traditional ceremony supports health and well-being. Modern research indicates the content of a number of unique carotenoids with high bioavailability and concentration. These ingredients are called lipocarotenesTM. The naturally occurring long-chain fatty acids in lipocarotenesTM attract and bind to antioxidants and essential nutrients to facilitate their absorption, making gac an ideal nutrient carrier.

g3 was developed by adding 3 other superfruits— Chinese Lycium, a fruit from Southern China, Siberian pineapple fruit from Asia, and a chili fruit from the mountains of China. The combination of these three superfruits with lipocarotenesTM from gac provides multiple health benefits.


  • Supports cell rejuvenation
  • As an active catalyst, it increases the production of SOD and Catalase
  • Slows the effects of aging through DNA protection
  • SCS CertifiedTM—certified to increase Skin Carotenoid Value
  • Fortifies antioxidant defenses to prevent cell damage by free radicals
  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Support prostate health


  • The first juice containing super gac fruit
  • The unique reddish-orange color indicates the presence of lipocaroteneTM which is not found in competitor products
  • Delightful taste that can be enjoyed by all ages and get additional antioxidant benefits every day
  • Very easy to absorb due to lipocaroteneTM


g3 is the perfect complement to a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, regular exercise and LifePak®. g3 is recommended for adults and children who want to increase the benefits of fruit and vegetable intake, are often exposed to free radicals, are interested in increasing antioxidant network defenses.


  • Gac, a superfruit that has been contained in g3, has been used traditionally by the indigenous people of South Asia and has various benefits.
  • The flesh of the gac fruit is used to make brown rice, called Xoi gac for important celebrations, including weddings.
  • In traditional use, a poultice or gac seed is used for topical treatment.


Why are lipocarotenes important? 

LipocaroteneTM is a collection of carotenoids and fatty acids that can make the absorption and transport of these essential nutrients more efficient. Gac contains high levels of fatty acids, which form a lipocaroteneTM structure so as to deliver high bioavailability carotenoids. Compared to beta-carotene found in dark green vegetables, beta-carotene from gac is more easily absorbed.

What types of carotenoids are found in gac fruit? 

Gac fruit contains a variety of carotenoids, but lycopene and beta-carotene are the most abundant. If fresh fruit is compared ounce for ounce, gac contains 70 times more lycopene than tomatoes, and also contains 10 times more beta-carotene than carrots. Not only is it richer in carotenoids than common fruits and vegetables, gac but also because it contains an important antioxidant in the form of lipo carotene, the carotenoid antioxidants from gac can be absorbed better than carotenoids from other fruits and vegetables.

Why doesn’t this product contain flour? 

Fluoride is not approved by the FDA for use in dietary supplements. Fluoride administration should be under the supervision of a doctor or dentist with consideration of local drinking water fluoridation practices and dental health. As a result, fluoride is only available as a prescription drug.


g3 is a safe and highly tolerable supplement. g3 contains fruit juices naturally found in food, which have been traditionally consumed in Asia for hundreds of years.


Shake well before use. Drink 30-90 ml after breakfast and dinner. For optimal results, take with LifePak®.

Store in the refrigerator after opening. Shake well before drinking to ensure the lipocarotenesTM is well mixed. Store in a cool and dry place.


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