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When it comes to healthy living and staying young, there is one obstacle that millions of people face. Whether it’s hunger, lack of willpower, or passion in doing it, achieving a healthy weight and ideal body shape is a very strenuous endeavor. Desire exists, but your mind and body must be able to work together–and work for you. Change isn’t just a number on the scale; but how to redesign your body composition to make it healthier, leaner.

Introducing ageLOC TR90, breakthrough weight management, and body contouring system. Based on highly innovative gene expression science that unites mind and body – for a leaner, younger-looking appearance. ageLOC TR90 will help you stay motivated as you work towards your goals.

Together with a simple diet, which is an essential part of the ageLOC TR90 system, and a more active lifestyle. AgeLOC TR90 guides you to a healthier and happier life. With your mind, body, and ageLOC working for you, you will succeed. ageLOC TR90 changes your life in 90 days.


Diet after diet, we become obsessed with numbers on the scales. We weigh ourselves every day in hopes of losing weight and worry about gaining it. It’s time to drop our dependence on the scales and adopt a better approach to how we look and feel. Because the key to getting a lean and healthy body is not just the numbers on the scale, but how to redesign your body composition to make it healthier and leaner.

The term “body composition” is used to describe the percentage of fat, bone, and muscle in the human body. Because muscle tissue occupies less space in the body than fat tissue, body composition and weight determine leanness. Experts agree that one of the keys to improving body composition is to increase muscle mass through proper nutrition.

Nu Skin scientists have designed weight management and bodybuilding system program based on what we believe is the latest scientific research. The result is a healthy and safe approach to a weight management program, with a program that will help you achieve and maintain your goals.


With a traditional diet, the lost weight consists of water, fat, and muscle. Muscle loss can account for 20-40 percent of weight loss. And with less muscle that is metabolically active, the body’s metabolic function will slow down. In fact, for every pound of muscle you lose, as part of your resting energy expenditure (in other words, even just sitting around) you burn 25–40 fewer calories each day.

With the ageLOC TR90 program, the focus is on designing your body composition in a way that maintains leaner muscles through innovative supplements and diets, maintaining balance and making it easier for you to reach your goals.

AgeLOC TR90 Diet Plan

Problems – Eating Habits and Traditional Diets
When consumed in excess, consuming refined carbohydrates and fats from food can cause a fat storage effect in your body, while protein has a “fat-burning” effect. Unfortunately, traditional diets usually reduce your intake of these macronutrients altogether, as well as reduce your protein intake to suboptimal levels. Another problem is that most people consume most of their protein at dinner, minimizing muscle maintenance and its metabolic burning potential, leaving it stored in the fat storage area, rather than the fat-burning area, most of the time. In short, traditional diets often lead to fat storage and consistently lead to muscle loss, which can slow down metabolic burn – very counterproductive.

Solution — AgeLOC TR90 Diet

By combining a balanced amount of “burning foods,” “storage foods,” and “color foods,” the ageLOC TR90 diet focuses on helping you learn how to eat a healthy, balanced diet. By following this diet, you can increase muscle mass and promote a healthy metabolism.
The first step to take is to reduce your intake of storage foods (processed carbohydrates and fatty foods), thereby minimizing fat storage in your body. At the same time, it is important that you focus on maintaining a balanced intake of protein, fruit, and vegetables. And by evenly distributing your protein intake throughout the day, the ageLOC TR90 diet can promote active muscle metabolism.


  • This comprehensive weight management program is designed to build a healthy and lean body.
  • Helps support and maintain muscles.
  • Helps promote a healthy metabolism.
  • Promotes healthy weight loss for a leaner, healthier, and younger-looking body
  • Helps support a positive mood and mindset.
  • Help reduce your food cravings.
  • Supports healthy appetite control.
  • Helping you to meet your optimal daily protein requirements while managing your calorie intake
  • Incorporates a scientifically based diet designed to help you consume the right foods, in the right proportions, and at the right times throughout the day.
  • Very innovative product.
  • Backed by a comprehensive website dedicated to providing all the support you need to achieve your goals.


This program is intended for any adult over 18 who is concerned with weight management.
Do you know?

  • 65% of people are dissatisfied with their weight and body shape. –
  • 77% of global consumers say they are actively trying to manage their weight.
  • Since 1980, globally the percentage of people who are overweight has more than doubled.


At the heart of this clinically proven system are the newest members of the ageLOC range. These products are backed by exclusive science and are formulated to strengthen mind, body, and emotional health; designed to work in harmony with the ageLOC TR90 diet.


When starting a weight management system, a good start is a key to your success. ageLOC TR90 JumpStart provides the perfect boost to get you looking primed and ready for success. You can see the start of success in just the first 15 days – and enjoy the motivation that comes with your experience.
For the first 15 days of the program, take this innovative product in the morning to help you achieve your goals. Mix it with water or your favorite drink (eg, try it with hot water or g3).


ageLOC TR90 Complex is an excellent product for regaining your healthy body. For 90 days, take two capsules of ageLOC TR90 Complex twice daily with meals. For best results, consume 15-20 minutes before meals.


TR90 Control on a breakfast tray with a cloth napkin with a glass of water, capsules, and an orange.

ageLOC TR90 Control makes it easier for you to stay on track to success. For 90 days, take two ageLOC TR90 Control capsules twice daily with meals. For best results, consume 15-20 minutes before meals.



ageLOC TR90 TrimShake helps you control calories and is the greatest source of the high-quality protein your muscles need Helps to reduce hunger while keeping you feeling full longer by producing a feeling of fullness.


Keep out of reach of children. Pregnant or lactating women and people with certain medical conditions please consult a doctor before undertaking this program. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if an unpleasant reaction occurs. If you have any questions or concerns or have a specific medical condition, consult your doctor before starting a diet or starting this program.


What kind of results can I expect by joining the ageLOC TR90 program?

ageLOC TR90 promotes a healthy weight loss program. While the number on the scale doesn’t differentiate whether you’re losing muscle or fat, it’s important to understand that loss of muscle tissue is counterproductive to a weight management program. Traditional weight management programs may not always distinguish between fat loss and muscle loss, and these programs often lead to unhealthy weight loss that can lead to loss of metabolically active muscle tissue. ageLOC TR90 supports muscle and promotes increased metabolism to help you improve your health.

What makes ageLOC TR90 JumpStart different from other products in the ageLOC TR90 program?

ageLOC TR90 JumpStart is specially formulated to provide an early boost to the benefits of the program, including a healthy start in the first 15 days.

Do I need to take ageLOC TR90 JumpStart at certain times of the day or with meals?

ageLOC TR90 JumpStart must be taken every morning for the first 15 days of the program. It does not need to be taken with meals. If you forget to take it in the morning, or if you choose to take it at a different time of day, you can take it at any time of the day.

What should I do if I forget to take the ageLOC TR90 dietary supplement 15-20 minutes before a meal?

By taking the supplement 15 – 20 minutes before a meal, you allow the active ingredients to start working the moment you start eating. If you forget to take your supplement before a meal, simply take it with food or as soon as you remember. It is very important that you consume the entire prescribed intake of supplements each day.

Is the ageLOC TR90 TrimShake compatible with the ageLOC TR90 diet plan?

Each serving of ageLOC TR90 TrimShake is designed to fill one serving of baking and one serving of storage foods recommended as part of the ageLOC TR90 diet. ageLOC TR90 TrimShake contributes to daily protein intake, which helps promote satiety and supports muscle mass.

Can I take ageLOC TR90 TrimShake after 90 days?

We recommend that you continue to incorporate the ageLOC TR90 diet as part of your lifestyle even after your goals have been met. You can use the ageLOC TR90 TrimShake as a protein source with any meal to ensure that you continue to get enough protein throughout the day to help support activating tissue metabolism.

Does it matter when I take the ageLOC TR90 TrimShake?

ageLOC TR90 TrimShake can be taken with a meal based on the user’s preference. Each meal should achieve a total intake of two servings of burnt food and at least one serving of fruit or vegetables.

What is the difference between the ageLOC TR90 diet and other diets?

Traditional diets tend to reduce caloric intake evenly across all categories of macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates), often resulting in high proportions of carbohydrates and protein, which can lead to the loss of metabolically active muscle. The ageLOC TR90 system incorporates a simple, scientifically-based diet that focuses on weight loss while protecting the loss of metabolically active tissue. This diet emphasizes reducing carbohydrate and fat intake while maintaining optimal levels of protein and distributing protein evenly over three meals a day. For most people, this would not represent an increase in protein intake but would represent a redistribution of pre-diet protein intake. This diet also recommends eating healthy snacks between meals to extend metabolic benefits throughout the day.

Do I have to follow a diet with ageLOC TR90 products to get results?

Yes. The ageLOC TR90 diet, ageLOC TR90 supplement, and activity guide are essential components for success in this program.


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