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Nu Skin Nutricentials Pure Cleansing Gel. Beautiful Skin for Your Extraordinary Day.

Your skin has its own level of endurance. But now you can increase its endurance from the changes occur. The Nutricentials product range helps your skin adapt to stressors from the environment such as pollution, and UV rays – to balance the condition of the skin on a daily basis.


There is nothing more beautiful than getting clean, fresh skin. Pure Cleansing Gel does not clog pores and maintain the freshness of your skin. The power of a formula that is able to help cleanse the rest of dirt, oil and makeup without eroding the natural moisture of your skin. The secret is a moisturizing blend that soothes the skin and preserves the naturalness of your skin for a cleaner and healthier looking skin.


  • Made from Bioadaptive Botanical Blend that protects your skin from the weather.
  • Removes and cleans dirt that clogs pores, oil, dust and makeup without removing the skin’s natural moisture.
  • Contains a mixture of geranium extract, lemon and fennel to moisturize the skin.
  • A soap-free formula that helps the skin maintain its natural moisture.
  • A foamy gel formula that feels soft on the surface of the skin.
  • Cleanse pores.
  • Makes skin feel fresh, soft and ready for the next treatment product.
  • Free of mineral oil and phthalate.


Men and women of all ages with combination to oily skin.


  • Bioadaptive Botanical Blend (Rhodiola, Maral Root, Siberian Ginseng, Chaga Mushroom, and Resurrection Plant) – a mixture of botanical extracts from plants that are fertile in extreme climates and can help improve skin’s return from stress.
  • Soap-free cleanser – a vegetable-based ingredient that is soft on the surface of the skin to cleanse pores and remove excess oil from the skin.
  • A balanced moisturizing mixture (Geranium, Lemon, Fennel, and Glycerin Extracts) — helps treat skin and preserve its natural moisture.


Use morning and evening. Gently lather over moistened face and neck, then rinse thoroughly. Follow with pH Balance Mattifying Toner.



  • Normal healthy skin maintains a slightly acidic pH between 5.5–6.5. Many standard soap brands are alkaline or basic, meaning their pH range is between 8.5 – 10.0. Disrupting the pH balance within the skin can cause the protective moisture barrier to break down, weakening the skin.
  • Nu Skin uses only soap-free cleansers that gently cleanse the skin with mild surfactants. We carefully formulate our cleansers to a gentle pH range of 5.0–7.4, helping maintain the skin’s natural protective moisture barrier.


  • To demonstrate the healthy pH range of our cleansers, simply dip a piece of litmus paper, which turns varied colors in the presence of different pHs, into the cleanser and check the reading against the color code on the litmus scale. The ideal pH for cleansers is between 5.0–7.5.
  • Explain to your customers that in addition to the pore cleansing benefits of papain offered in Pure Cleansing Gel, their skin will feel clean, soft, and comfortable because our cleansers do not strip the skin’s necessary moisture barrier.


  • Alkaline soaps dry out and damage the skin by essentially breaking the skin apart, or changing the structure of its components. Alkaline soap has a reactive chemical structure that breaks the bonds holding fatty acid and protein molecules together. These fatty acid and protein molecules make up the cellular membrane and structure that protect and maintain the skin’s integrity. As these surface structures are denatured, the skin basically “breaks apart.”


  • pH Balance Mattefying Toner—bi-phase technology suspends oil-absorbing mineral powders to give an instant matte finish and control shine, while polyphenol-rich strawberry extract helps refine the complexion.
  • Celltrex® Ultra Recovery Fluid—provides needy dry skin with concentrated levels of the polyphenol hydroxytyrosol for supple, healthy-looking skin.
  • Celltrex® CoQ10 Complete—featuring Co Q10, and a complete antioxidant network, Celltrex Co Q10 Complete promotes cellular energy production, allowing your skin to rebound beautifully from daily oxidative stress for a radiant, more youthful appearance.
  • Moisture Restore™ Day Protective Mattefying LotionSPF 15 Combination to Oily—is a specially formulated oil-free moisturizer perfect for minimizing oily complexions while shielding against aging UVA and UVB damage.
  • Night Supply™ Nourishing Cream—this rich formula contains phosphatidylcholine, which enhances the skin’s renewal process.
  • Polishing Peel™—this skin polishing procedure offers skin smoothing results equivalent to professional microdermabrasion.
  • Glacial Marine Mud™—provides a powerful, deep-cleaning effect, drawing excess oils from pores while sea botanicals remineralize and condition the skin.


Is Pure Cleansing Gel best for combination or oily skin types? Yes, Pure Cleansing Gel is specifically formulated to address the needs of combination to oily skin.

What is the difference between Pure Cleansing Gel and other similar soaps for oily combination skin types? Other cleansers for combination oily skin only focus on oily skin, and have the potential to dehydrate the skin. Pure Cleansing Gel contains natural skin moisture balances such as extracts of geraniums, fennels, lemons and glycerin which maintain skin moisture during the process of cleansing the remaining oil and dirt on your face.

What is the Bioadaptive Botanical? Bioadaptive botanicals are plants that thrive in extreme climates because of their ability to adapt. This special ability increases the resilience of plants and helps them and your skin from damage and stress.

Does Pure Cleansing Gel help manage the production of oil in the skin?  Pure Cleansing Gel helps to balance the oils on your skin with lemon, geranium, and fennel extracts by effectively removing any excess oil and debris.

How often should I use Pure Cleansing Gel? It is best to cleanse your face in the morning and before bed to keep your skin clear of pore-blocking debris. However, you can use Pure Cleansing Gel, when needed, throughout the day.

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