WordAds Revenue – How Much I Get From WordAds for Last 17 Months

Menua Dengan Indah – First of all, I use this blog Menuadenganindah.com as a platform to market products those I sell online. I used personal plan (free plan) when I started to use WordPress in 2016, since I was totally a new beginner in blogging that I never knew how to manage a website that time even I didn’t know how to write an article so this blog was really empty, then in March 2017 I started to use Premium Plan which I paid for $8 Per Month (billed annually) as I started to manage and learn about many things like SEO, writing skills, etc and yes  I made a lot of mistakes that affected my traffic.

One benefit of using this plan is you can monetize your blog with WordAds as WordPress.com Advertising Platform. Down below I am talking about “does WordAds really give you income each month?”



I got pretty good traffic since March, 2017. And it has been growing each month. Until September 2018 I made around 200 articles, which mostly my visitors are from Indonesia. It’s because my target market is Indonesia. I have also traffic from the USA and other countries.

From those 200 articles, 88% gives around 20% of the traffic and 12% gives the rest around 80% of the traffic. It’s like Pareto Law, isn’t it?. This also means that I made 12% best quality articles.



As you see above, I have unpaid earnings from WordAds for like 17 months. It’s sad actually as a freelancer who has no steady income (LOL), I hope that I can make an extra income from WordAds but sadly it’s still not giving me any for last 17 months, at least to cover the plan I use annually.

I am curious about the rate. I have ever asked about the rate to WordPress but I didn’t get satisfying answer about that. As you can see above, 11-12 2017 I got higher earnings than 06-07 2018 even the Ads Served are lower.


  1. Mostly my traffics are from Indonesia (South East Asia), according to some bloggers this area is paid lower than the USA. So I think I need to write in English more so I can get traffics from the USA.
  2. The rate depends on the advertisers those use WordAds as their advertising platform each month. So lower advertisers on WordAds means lower earning you get.
  3. Since my traffics are not that much as mostly blogger I have read and also mostly are from Indonesia I should make more high quality and also English articles so I can gain more traffic from all around the world.
  4. WordAds is not platform that you can depend on to get quick money or overnight success, so be patient and keep doing it (moreover for you who lives in South East Asia).

Thanks for reading and visiting my blog 🙂 Please comment down below so I will notice that you were here.


6 Replies to “WordAds Revenue – How Much I Get From WordAds for Last 17 Months”

    1. Hi Sheryl thanks for the comment. I totally need to learn a lot from bloggers as you. I have visited your blog and that’s awesome. I wonder how you build and manage it.. 🙂


  1. Hey it took me six months to get my first $100. I started blogging everyday got my second $100 in three months. I started building a whole new website it has motivated me greatly. I’m looking for ways to get this on a monthly. Good luck keep writing.


    1. Hey Arly thanks for the comment. May I know what is your blog about? Give me the link so I can visit! So you wrote everyday? I have problem about the idea I should write everyday and how to manage the picture, fonts, color etc.. Lol


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