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MENUA DENGAN INDAH – ageLOC Y-Span promotes the youthful expression of key groups of genes that control aging defenses and also delivers enhanced nutritional benefits. It supports healthy aging defense mechanisms and provides the body with powerful, protective anti-aging support to help us age youthfully.*

The power is in ageLOC Y-Span‘s innovative ingredient blend. We carefully selected ingredients for their unique health benefits and ability to positively impact gene expression. The result: an innovative formula that strengthens and supports aging defense mechanisms in every cell and system of the body.*

ageLOC Y-Span is Nu Skin’s most advanced anti-aging supplement ever. It is a revolutionary supplement that helps revitalize your aging defense mechanisms and is designed to promote your youth span—the years you can enjoy life being more active, energetic, and healthy.* ageLOC Y-Span—The power to defy your age.


  1. Our most advanced anti-aging supplement, ageLOC Y-Span targets our innate ability to resist aging at its source.*
  2. ageLOC Y-Span positively modulates gene expression with a unique blend of nutrients that are not readily available.*
  3. Promotes youthfulness—supporting the years you can enjoy life being more active, energetic, and healthy.*
  4. ageLOC Y-Span influences multiple aging defense mechanisms to provide broad-spectrum wellness benefits and promote:*
  • Cellular Health – Reinforces the body’s protection and repair mechanisms at the cellular level. – Helps balance healthy cellular response. Disruption of cellular response can spark a cascade of other aging effects. – Positively modulates systemic cytokine responses. – Supports DNA damage protection/repair. – Provides antioxidant protection.
  • Brain Health – Supports healthy brain structure and function. – Promotes youthful cognition and memory. – Promotes sense of wellbeing and healthy mood.
  • Heart Health – Sustains overall cardiovascular health. – Promotes blood vessel integrity/elasticity, essential for healthy blood circulation. – Supports normal blood glucose control. – Supports healthy blood pressure regulation.
  • Metabolic Health – Supports healthy lipid metabolism. – Supports normal glucose metabolism.
  • Skin Health – Promotes optimal skin barrier function and protection. – Maintains optimal skin health.
  • Bone Health – Boosts bone health and supports bone structure and integrity.
  • Joint Health – Supports healthy joints and promotes healthy joint fluidity.
  • Eye Health – Provides ingredients important for healthy eye composition and protection. – Promotes eye health and supports healthy vision.
  • Physical Performance – Supports/enables optimal physical performance.
  • Immune Health – Promotes healthy immune function and response. – Supports a healthy immune system.


  • Our most advanced anti-aging supplement, ageLOC Y-Span targets our innate ability to resist aging at its source.*
  • Contains a unique blend of nutrients that is not readily available.*
  • Built on more than three decades of scientific knowledge.*
  • Created with our scientific understanding of the expression of key groups of genes related to aging defenses, as well as antioxidant and nutritional science.*
  • Blend of ingredients positively modulates gene expression to support healthy aging defense mechanisms.*
  • Influences multiple aging defense mechanisms to provide broad-spectrum nutritional and youth preservation benefits.*
  • SCS certified. Measure the antioxidant difference ageLOC Y-Span is making in your body.* WHO SHOULD USE THIS PRODUCT? Men and women 18 and over who want to maintain their youth and live a healthier, more youthful life.


Take two capsules twice daily with morning and evening meals.


  • ageLOC® R2—helps you renew and recharge with two powerful formulas. ageLOC R2 Night optimizes each cell’s natural purification process, and ageLOC R2 Day optimizes cellular energy production.*
  • Pharmanex Solutions—provide targeted benefits to complement the anti-aging benefits of ageLOC Y-Span.* Please read all information and warning labels when combining supplements and consult your physician if you have any questions or concerns about your supplementation regimen.
  • g3—this gâc superfruit juice is validated by science to support cellular rejuvenation and immune health. Deliciously sweet,
    yet slightly tart, g3 provides powerful antioxidant protection while supporting healthy immune function.*
  • LifePak®—is the perfect companion to ageLOC Y-Span because LifePak is our most advanced nutritional product, delivering nutrients that many don’t get from their diet. Optimal gene expression requires a good level of nutrition and LifePak provides a comprehensive array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. If your daily diet isn’t what it should be, LifePak delivers the essential nutrients your body needs for optimal health.


What are aging defense mechanisms? Aging defense mechanisms are the body’s way of fighting off and maintaining resistance to aging aggressors. As we age, changes in gene expression cause the body’s aging defense mechanisms to decline in function, performance, and ability. ageLOC Y-Span maintains and supports the activity of aging defense mechanisms by positively modulating gene expression, helping us to live youthfully.*

Can I take LifePak with ageLOC Y-Span? It is recommended to take one of the LifePak Nutritional products with ageLOC Y-Span in order to provide your body with the nutritional building blocks required for optimal health.

Why is the ageLOC Y-Span ingredient blend difficult to obtain? ageLOC Y-Span contains a unique ingredient blend that provides broad-spectrum benefits for everyone regardless of dietary intake or supplement regimen. ageLOC Y-Span provides a potent blend of anti-aging ingredients—concentrated extracts standardized for active ingredients—that would be difficult to obtain on a regular basis from even a healthy, well- balanced diet. Furthermore, ageLOC Y-Span delivers efficacious levels of these powerful nutrients and phytochemicals at consistent levels twice per day.

What is different about the ageLOC Y-Span capsules? ageLOC Y-Span takes advantage of a unique technology, called Licap,® that allows delivery of both liquids and solids together in a hard shell capsule.

Will ageLOC Y-Span increase my skin carotenoid score? Yes, in fact, ageLOC Y-Span is SCS certified to increase your scanner score.* What is the scientific substantiation for this product?Many clinical studies have been published documenting the health benefits of the ingredients included in ageLOC Y-Span. Additionally, there are several ageLOC Y-Span studies completed or ongoing.



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