Jungamals® SCS [EN]


It’s a jungle out there, and the king of kid’s vitamins is now stronger to help your children thrive. New from the inside out, Jungamals SCS contains an optimal blend of vitamins and minerals with additional antioxidants to give your child the nutritional building blocks for a healthy, happy life. It’s best multivitamin/mineral available for children and parents who are looking for measurable proof that their child’s multivitamin is working. Unlike other children’s multivitamins, Jungamals SCS has optimal levels of carotenoids that can be measured with the Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner. The new fruity flavor is a kid favorite and the nutrient-packed formula is just what parents want.*


Studies indicate that a significant portion of children ages 2 to 12 ingest less than the recommended levels of the following nutrients: vitamin E, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B6, magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin C.

Because children may not be getting the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables and other nutrients in their daily diets, supplementation will help them get all of the nutrients they need. Formulated to supplement a child’s daily diet for optimal health in a young, growing body, Jungamals SCS protects and nourishes children with important antioxidants and essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

SCS Certified You can now see the powerful impact of Jungamals SCS and track the improvement of your child’s antioxidant levels using the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner. Measure the difference Jungamals SCS is making in your child’s body—we guarantee an increased scanner score and your satisfaction.

Primary Benefits

  • Protects young bodies with the antioxidants vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, lycopene, resveratrol, lutein, zeaxanthin, selenium, and copper.*
  • Supports healthy bones by providing calcium and other nutrients necessary for strong, healthy bones.*
  • Promotes healthy immune function.*
  • Provides key vitamins and minerals important for young growing bodies.*
  • Includes 90 tablets in every bottle, making it easy to deliver optimal nutrition to every child at every stage of development.

What Makes This Product Unique?

  • Is a complete children’s multivitamin/mineral phytonutrient supplement.*
  • Delivers a comprehensive blend of antioxidants for added protection from environmental toxins.*
  • Is SCS Certified.
  • Has a great flavor kids enjoy.

Who Should Use This Product?

Jungamals SCS is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of children ages 2 to 12.

Did You Know?

The DNA in each cell of your body receives 70,000 free radical hits per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Jungamals SCS compare to the competition? We believe Jungamals SCS surpasses the competition as the most nutritionally balanced children’s daily multinutrient supplement. Providing a balanced and nutritionally optimized vitamin and mineral

Jungamals formula, Jungamals SCS emphasizes the most important needs in childhood nutrition: bone health, growth, immune function, antioxidant protection, and common vitamin and mineral deficiencies.*

Does Jungamals SCS contain any artificial colors or preservatives? No. Jungamals SCS uses exclusively natural colors and is kept fresh by its high levels of antioxidant vitamins.

Why isn’t there any fluoride in this product? Fluoride is not FDA approved for use in dietary supplements. Fluoride administration must be individually assessed by a physician or dentist in consideration of local drinking water fluoridation practices and dental health.


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